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For social babes who are ready to link arms & grow together. 

We are looking for social babes who embody #HYPEGIRLENERGY to join our Babe-Bassador program and enjoy insider access to our community, swag bags, affiliate commissions and so much more!

Are you ready to link arms & grow together, girlfriend? 

You Should Join Us If...

  • You are a business babe, fempreneur, content creator or side hustler who wants to link arms with the fastest growing community for ambitious womxn & grow together!

  • You crave community & value the Social Babes Co. mission!​​

  • You see the value in long-term, strategic partnerships with other brands!

... this program is pretty much for any ambitious womxn who wants to link arms with Social Babes Co. and join us on the inside! 


Meet Your New
Favourite Hype Girl

Hey! I'm Brittney Megann, the founder & community leader of Social Babes Co., the fastest growing community for ambitious womxn.

My biggest goal has always been to link arms with other womxn and help them take control of their life, follow their dream, and secure the bag. 

Partnering up with other powerhouse womxn can be one of the biggest keys to success. Which is exactly why we wanted to create an ambassador style program where we could empower & support the social babes who live, breathe, and sleep our mission... all while linking arms to spread our mission further! 

If you are ready to enjoy insider access to our community, quarterly swag bags, affiliate commissions and so much more... our Babe-Bassador Program is totally for you! 

See you on the inside, social babe!

Brittney Megann

What's In It For You?



Including Babe-Bassador meetings, private trainings, quarterly swag bags & even a private slack channel.



Free access to the Social Babes Sorority Club, discounts on resources & programs, early access to all new launches and more!



Enjoy discounts on everything SBC has to offer and make money while doing it! Receive up to 50% commission when sharing our digital product suite with your #girlgang.


Q: What are the requirements to join the SBC Babe-Bassador Program?

Other than the fact you need to be fully aligned with the Social Babes Co. mission & want to be part of what we are doing... nothing! 

This program does not discriminate on your follower size, how long you have been in business or what milestones you have reached so far. 

Q: How long is the commitment?

Our Babe-Bassador Program is a 6 month commitment. Strategic & long-term partnerships is where it's at... and we know the value that this ambassador program has to offer... which is why we ask that our Babe-Bassadors are willing to link arms with us for at least 6 months. 

Q: How often to you accept new Babe-Bassadors?

Being that we spoil the absolute sh*t out our our Babe-Bassadors and want to keep this program exclusive, we can only accept 25-30 Babe-Bassadors at any given time. 

Our application is always open, but we only accept new Babe-Bassadors once the space comes available! If you have any questions regarding your application, please email

Are You Our Next #BABE-BASSADOR?