Are You Ready to Turn Your Net-werk Into Your Net-worth?

Now introducing Babes Who Connect, a Social Babes Co exclusive networking event created to hold space for powerhouse babes like you to network every single week.

Are you ready to link arms & grow together, girlfriend? 

What You Can Expect...

  • Network with other powerhouse social babes 

  • Pitch your business / brand 

  • Grow your social following & network 

  • Be fired up with lots of hype girl energy 

... this weekly event is pretty much for any powerhouse womxn who wants to link arms with other powerhouse womxn & build the business of their dreams!


Meet Your New
Favourite Hype Girl

Hey! I'm Brittney Megann, the founder & community leader of Social Babes Co., the fastest growing community for ambitious womxn.

My biggest goal has always been to link arms with other womxn and help them take control of their life, follow their dream, and secure the bag. 

Linking arms & strategically partnering with other womxn can be one of the biggest keys to success. Which is exactly why we wanted to hold a safe space every single week for social babes just like you to network, collaborate and partner with other powerhouse womxn. 

If you are serious about building the business of your dreams, this is for you! Save your seat using the link below! 

Cue the pink, sparkly, stiletto-shaped confetti because your next #LevelUp is just around the corner! 👠💕✨

Brittney Megann

Brb. Securing The Bag. Brb. Securing The Bag. Brb. Securing The Bag. Brb.


Q: Can I bring my business bestie?

Absolutely! This event is open to the community! Send your business besties this link and have them sign up so then can join us too! 

Q: How much does this event cost to join?

Nothing but your time! Our Babes Who Connect Networking Events are completely free! 

Q: What happens if I can't make the call?

We totally understand that sometimes things come up and you might not be able to make it every week! Lucky for you, if you happen to miss a call... we will still send you a list of everyones contact information who was on the call for you to network with!