• Diana Jakubcova

3 Steps To Building a Timeless Brand That Attracts Your Dream Clients


Have you ever wondered, what goes into creating a brand that helps you get more dream clients?

A lot of female entrepreneurs are stuck in a vicious cycle of chasing after clients that aren’t even the perfect fit just because they haven’t been able to crack the code to establish themselves and their business in the market that helps them do so.

You have seen all the advice out there about mood-boarding and creating a perfect logo but it just doesn’t seem to do anything for you.

It clearly isn’t attracting those dream clients you were promised!

And I am here to tell you why, AND give you actionable steps to building a timeless brand that gets you booked out with those dream clients.

Now the word “timeless” has been thrown around a lot over the years, and I am pretty sure that the picture you have in your head right now is to have a NUDE and MINIMALISTIC design because that’s what timeless means.

But you couldn’t be more wrong here babe.

Timeless brands can look ANY WAY. What is important here is what TIMELESS means for you. Building a personal brand is different than building a product brand.



This is what makes your brand stand out and be timeless. If you think about your own values, personal preferences, and lifestyle you will be able to create a brand that is rooted in your own personality, therefore it’s timeless. Why? Because your passion, personality, and values will be here forever. That’s what will become your engine. That is what will help you create and show up with authenticity and integrity. This first step is the KEY to creating a timeless brand and it sets a foundation for all the strategies you will be implementing later on.


I know that this might be a shocker but my number one job isn’t actually DESIGN itself. In order to truly master and craft a brand that is cohesive, timeless, and brings me those pay-in-full types of clients, my number one job is and always will be RESEARCH.

No matter how much you are trying to avoid it, it will come knocking at your door until you finally give in and do it. Knowing your ideal client will help you connect the dots between you and your brand and how they are all intertwined together. Because in the end what you must think about is your community and the audience you serve. Branding never works without proper messaging that directly speaks to your ideal client.


Whew! You’ve got this! Let the fun part begin! Now that you have gathered all the information from steps 1 and 2, it’s time to give your brand a visual voice!

This step includes everything from typography, brand direction, and logo design to having a seamless, branded client experience through and through.

My number one tip here is to start with setting a Brand Direction first. What I found most helpful with my clients is to create 2 different mood boards here.

1. Feelings: Gather all of the pictures you can representing the feel and vibe of your brand. You can find pictures on Pinterest, Pexels.com, or Unsplash.com!

2. Aesthetics: Now gather all the graphic and design inspiration, and put those pictures together. You don’t necessarily need to focus on colors here, but you will be drawn to specific ones which will ultimately help you set the color tone for your brand.

After you’ve gathered everything it’s time to write a short story of the brand direction! I love this part as it takes my clients on a journey behind the pictures they are looking at.

Building a timeless brand is a process itself. It’s not about Pinterest perfect aesthetics and mood boards. It’s about the feelings, values, and your own unique personality that brings it to life and creates a timeless brand that grows with you.

So if you are finding yourself changing your colors, fonts, pictures way too often because you feel an inner disconnection between you and your brand it's time to implement the steps above so that you can finally start showing up and building a timeless brand that gets you booked out with your dream clients!


Diana Jakubcova

If you feel like your business needs a professional overhaul and you are ready to take your brand to the next level feel free to connect with me on Instagram @deeplyrooted.studio or visit my website www.deeplyrootedstudio.com and let’s find a way we can start creating a timeless brand rooted in your personality today!

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