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5 Content Creation Tips to Keep Your Dream Clients Coming Back For More

These 5 tips helped me create quality IG content that connects with my dream clients!

Do you wish you could come up with content ideas that are right for your ideal client, instead of guessing….?


You’re eager to make sales on IG, you want to make deep and genuine connections with your audience and you’re TIRED of not seeing many results like new clients, DM’s, email sign ups, etc....

You'd also REALLY like to build that expert credibility with your dream clients AND strong connections at the same time, am I right?

Here’s how I took control of my Instagram content strategy and began creating content that had my dream clients sliding into my DM’s, and actually clicking on the link in my bio.

Here are 5 tips add serious power to your content creation process:

The foundation of content creation is having a clear purpose behind the content you create.

It’s SO important to have purpose to your content so that you know why you're posting it. You also want a mix of content types so that you don’t bore your audience and keep them coming back for more!

1. Create Connections: (20% of your content mix)

Connection based content is a primary ingredient to have in your content mix.

It’s so easy to just be another account in the sea of experts in your field. But when you create content with the purpose of connecting with your dream clients, you immediately stand out from the crowd. You also become memorable, as well as highly relatable!! This is really important when it comes to using Instagram for your biz.

Connection-Based Content Ideas:

  • Share 5 super random or weird/quirky facts about yourself & ask people if they can relate to any of them (this one is always great for extra engagement)

  • Share about your family/personal life/relationship (with your partner, parents, sibling or bff)

  • Give a life update: did you move into a new house, city or town? Did you have an anniversary lately, did you have a birthday? People want to know these things, trust me!

  • Why do you love what you do or what is your main WHY behind what you do?

  • Share your morning, night time or self care routine in a reel or on your stories

2. Inspirational content: (10% of your content mix)

This type of content can be very impactful for your audience, as it resonates more than just sharing information. Inspo based content is all about inspiring your audience to take action/make a change in their business or in their life! The Oxford languages definition of inspiration is “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. So including this in your content mix really makes you stand out!

Inspirational Content Ideas:

  • Share something that was really hard to overcome in your personal life or business

  • Share your personal or business transformation - super impactful if you’re a service provider or coach (this could be mindset related, income specific or physical)

  • Share a realization or epiphany you had that lead to making a major change

  • Talk about the ways in which you take action to achieve the results you’re after (could be about mindset, business, etc.) For example, starting something from scratch, instead of waiting for the right time to do something like start a business or make a life change.

3. Motivational Content: (10% of your content mix)

We need to make sure we incorporate motivation into our content mix, because as experts we are not just here to educate, but we also owe it to our dream clients to motivate them to make the changes necessary to reach their goals and live the life they dream of!

Motivational Content Ideas:

  • Encourage your audience to make the change(s) they require to see a specific result. to make the change(s) needed to see a specific result

  • Give them a call to action to take the next step in a process (in order to grow their biz they should hire a coach, automate a process, change their mindset, etc.)

  • Motivate them to #levelup in their biz by doing something specific

  • Share a story of self-motivation/mindset growth you’ve gone through personally

4. Educational/Value-Based Content: (40% of your content mix)

We all know that we need to educate and provide value to our audience through our content AND there are SO many ways of doing this. You should be educating/providing value 50% of the time and even 80% of the time during a launch phase. To me, educating my audience isn’t just answering FAQ’s or giving tips. It can also look like busting common myths, providing quick wins, and sharing blog or newsletter content that is super helpful (we love repurposed content).

Educational Content Ideas:

  • Bust some “myths” that are common in your industry or niche

  • Provide simple steps to achieving a quick win/transformation (mini trainings for the win)

  • Tell your audience about a mistake you made and how you used it as a learning experience

  • Share your favorite tools to use in your business/your fave apps or sites if you’re a B2C biz

5. Promotional Content: (20% of your content mix)

As a business it’s SO important to promote your products or services, but at the same time many of us feel sleazy when we do this on social media… Am I right??

The whole point of promoting your business is obviously to profit, but the best way to actually convert your audience into paying clients is by mixing promotional, motivation and educational content together. For example, when you write a caption to promote something you want to lead with the transformation they’ll experience and use that as your call to action. You also want to motivate them to make that change, and your service or product is the perfect answer to their problems! Don’t be afraid to promote your business, it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

Promotional content ideas:

  • Share a client transformation/success story or testimonial

  • Promote something free: email list, fb group, freebies (checklist, challenge, e-book, etc.)

  • Dive deep on the transformation your product or service provides

  • Tell your audience why they should work with you/what makes you different

You can use these ideas for both your feed posts, stories AND reels!

So there you have it, the perfect content mix for creating quality content that connects with your dream clients and also converts them into loyal customers.

Rather than scrambling to create last-minute posts, you can use these content purposes to strategically build your content calendar for the month ahead!

These tips make planning your content and coming up with content ideas so much easier!

Follow these 5 tips so you can create quality content that leaves your dream clients saying “sign me upppp!”

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