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5 Self-Care Practices You Can Start TODAY


Girl, I see you. 👀

I know you’re f*cking phenomenal at what you do.

I know that you show up every single day, that you’re kicking a$$ and taking names, and that you’re building the kind of life your younger self would be proud of.

And cheers to you, because that sh*t is hard to do! 🎉

It’s not easy to build an empire.

It’s not easy to wear every hat in your biz.

It’s not easy to put out fires 24/7.

And it’s not easy to create something beautiful in spite of the haters and naysayers telling you that you can’t.

As an entrepreneur who’s in the trenches with you, I know firsthand that your journey has been one chock-full of obstacles you’ve had to overcome.

I also know that taking care of yourself when you have a whole business on your shoulders is one of the trickier things you’ve had to figure out along the way.

If you’re new to biz-owner life (or if you just need a reminder because we all do from time to time!), I’ve put together 5 self-care practices that you can start TODAY.

Because I ~SEE~ you, I know the struggle that comes with the hustle, and I know that entrepreneurship can bleed you dry if you’re not careful.

Let’s break ‘em down!

1. Start your mornings slow

This one’s a game-changer! Instead of jumping straight into the demands of the day, start your mornings slowly with yoga, meditation, prayer, journaling, or a quiet, device-free breakfast.

Take care of yourself FIRST so you’re in the right headspace when you’re tackling client work or working on the backend of your biz.

Remember, us bad b*tches function best when we aren’t rushing.

A slow start will bring us peace and the rest of the day is guaranteed to be a whirlwind anyway.

2. Don’t feel bad about saying NO

As much as we want to do ~everything~, we weren’t built to take on the entire world at once. You’re not a machine, so don’t treat yourself like one! Say NO to impossible requests, unreasonable deadlines, and micromanaging clients who don’t trust you to perform like the pro you are!

You’ll thank yourself for it later on. 😉

There’s freedom in the word NO when you use it strategically, so practice saying NO to the things that will harm you so you have room to say YES to the things that will propel you forward.

3. Step away from the screen

This might be the one hardest yet.

In our day and age, it’s FAR too easy to stay glued to our screens because we’re scared that we’ll miss something.blue-light-blocking

Also, it’s just a force of habit. 🤭

But listen to me, eye fatigue is no joke. To take better care of the eyes that are ~always~ taking care of you, make sure you step away from your screen every hour or so to let ‘em rest.

Eat your meals away from your computer, keep some eye drops handy, and get you some blue light-blocking glasses to keep your eyes in tip-top shape.

We’re born with one pair of those bad boys so we gotta take care of them!

4. Spend time outdoors

You’ve heard this before and you’ll probably hear it again, and that’s because it’s worth repeating:

Go outside and get some sun!! ☀️

We weren’t made to stay indoors day-in and day-out. We weren’t made to never, ever leave our at-home offices for the sake of convenience or productivity.

If you’re not someone who makes time to spend outdoors on a regular basis, GIRL you are missing outtt. (See what I did there? 😂)

Going on a quick walk every day will do wonders for your mental health and will help you decompress after a day full of urgent to-dos.

Give it a try—no, really, I need to see a FULL week—and tell me it didn’t save your CEO brain from becoming mush!

5. Look for excuses to celebrate + PARTY HARD

When you’re your own boss, you ~have~ to be your biggest cheerleader, so celebrate every win because you def deserve it!

Look for excuses to celebrate. Get your nails done, try that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing, buy that dress that makes you feel like a bad b*tch, or draw yourself a freaking bubble bath!


As a biz owner, your life has so much to do with serving other people so celebrate the victories as they come! Tomorrow is another busy day, so PARTY HARD when you can bbygirl! ✨

I hope these self-care practices bring you more of the peace and joy that you need (and deserve!).

It’s not easy to run a business but carving out the time for proper self-care will help you build a life you love and can sustain!


Jenn Hanft,

Founder + CEO of JOUHCO

If you’re looking for someone to cheer you on as you continue building your empire, find me on Insta (@jouhco_)!

I share personality-driven copywriting tips that help you amplify your voice + serve positive vibes like fresh cups of coffee.

For more 1:1 pipin’ hot action, visit my site ☕️

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