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5 Things You Need in Your Morning Routine

Every morning your routine should be a form of self-care. After all, these may be the only moments you get to yourself all day. Creating a routine is an excellent low-stress way to start pumping yourself for the day. Your success and productivity levels can often be based on what you do first thing in the morning, so why not make it count, Sis.

Some people have a very simple routine, and others have a far more detailed one. Finding what makes sense to you is what matters. There are a lot of things you could add to it, but these are fantastic must-haves.

1. Start With Gratitude

Babe, gratitude is the best attitude! Gratitude is the way to start your morning. There is no better way than to begin the day thinking about all the things you’re grateful for. Girl, it transforms your entire day and sets the tone. It doesn’t have to be a long-drawn-out process, simply writing out a few things every day can take as little as 5-minutes. Doing this simple thing creates positivity like no other and starts to affect your whole life! Before you know it, you’re a happier womxn, and that trickles into your business, life, and relationships.

2. Move Your Body

Girl, I get it. Thinking about exercise can be a bit challenging in the morning, especially if you’re not that kind of person, but it’s a must-have in your routine. There are so many benefits to moving your body. Babe, I’m not saying you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time staring at yourself in the gym. I’m suggesting taking the time to do something you enjoy while reaping the benefits of good health. This could be something low-impact like yoga or a little more impact like a HIIT workout. The best part is that it’s entirely up to you, just move!

3. Journal

It might sound a little odd to start writing right after you get up, but it’s a great practice to add to your routine. No pressure, this isn’t your English class from high school checking for errors. It’s jotting down whatever crosses your mind. It could literally be anything. Journaling is great to clear your mind, put your ideas down, and just be yourself in a safe place with your thoughts. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it helps your writing skills, which can help in several areas of your life and business.

4. Create Your Daily To-Do List

Many might look at this like work, but I’m definitely not saying to work; it’s just a good time to start thinking about what your goals are for the day. Long before you get distracted, make your to-do list. Taking the time to create a list offers clarity that you may not experience during the rest of your day. It’s a great planning strategy. If you do it with purpose, you’ll be surprised how great it is to get it done early on, before distractions and being pulled in different directions.

5. Make Your Bed

Girl, this one might seem silly, but you’d be surprised how not making your bed can set up your day in a not so great way. I get it, many consider it a chore, but it’s a tiny way to set yourself up for success and give you those happy feelings. In a weird way, it may even encourage a healthier sleep pattern. Adding this small habit to your routine is about building that momentum to other positive habits. It’s the simple things in life that can be so helpful!

You don’t have to be stuck in a routine that you hate. These are great to add to your current morning routine or to use if you need to create one. Babe, the fantastic thing is that it’s completely up to you how to start your day off right.

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