Behind The Fall 2020 Campaign Shoot

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

It's finally here.... bring on all the ugly Kim K crying faces 😭😭😭

For those of you who are just joining in on this journey now ... WELCOME BABE! My name is Brittney Megann and I am the Founder & Community Leader of Social Babes Co. (actually crying as I'm typing this).

When I first stepped into this online space, I knew my goal was to create a community for like-minded women. I wanted a space where we uplift, empower, inspire and educate each other. It took me what feels like forever to really figure out how I was going to make that happen... but the day is finally here. This thing is actually happening!


So what the heck is this 2020 Fall Campaign all about?

To launch Social Babes Co I wanted to create the ultimate girl squad/girl boss/power movement moment showcasing women connecting & being a part of something. Thanks to my amazing team... that dream became a reality.

We gathered 8 of the most FIERCE most INSPIRATIONAL and most INFLUENTIAL #GIRLBOSSES from the Toronto & GTA area! The group is so diverse and features women from all industries which makes it so cool.

I actually hand picked this group of women very carefully. Each one of them has impacted my journey in such an incredible and indescribable way. It really was a dream come true to put this all together.

The entire campaign was shot in the heart of Yorkville which was such a perfect location. The vision behind the campaign videos was to show us coming together as a community. At the beginning of the Full Campaign Video, you will see us all individually and slowly start to gather. As the video goes, more and more of us start to gather until finally, we all meet and power walk down the Yorkville Steps together. Although each of these babes are so powerful on their own... something has to be said about being part of a #girlsquad and that power walk together. It's SO NEXT LEVEL POWERFUL... which is exactly what we strive to do with Social Babes Co. This community is here to make you feel like your most powerful girl boss self but also give you a place to be a part of something.


Also, can we talk about my pink sparkly shoe moment? These shoes were bought specifically for this shoot and were so next level girl boss! But let me tell you ... walking around Yorkville in those stilettos for 5 hours when they weren't even broken in yet... was a little cray-cray. Note to self - bring flats next time lol! But honestly ... this day was so magical and I am so excited that we can finally share it with all of you!

I want to give a huge thank you to my Team as well as the featured girl bosses for making this possible! It wouldn't be possible without them. I hope this campaign video inspires you. Make sure you take the time to check out all of the Fall 2020 Campaign Babes Of Influence and read their stories. They truly are amazing women.

Stay Social,

Brittney Megann

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