Finding Your Self Love Language

Oftentimes in this busy world, self-care falls by the wayside. When you think of self-care, a love language probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Many think love languages are talking about giving love and receiving love from other people. However, we more often than not neglect our own self-love. While you may be getting visions of you hugging yourself, it goes deeper than that.

Babe, how do you communicate with your body and mind? Are there self-love languages you use to care for yourself?

No worries if nothing comes to mind. Here are a few ways to show love to yourself and find your perfect self-love language.


If talking to yourself is crossing your mind, then you are on the right track. It’s so important to think about how you talk to yourself. Your thoughts have a big impact on your life and everything in it. Affirmations provide that support and encouragement you need in your daily life. For instance, giving yourself a pep talk and saying positive things about yourself.

Babe, show yourself some appreciation. Womxn with this self-love language are aware of their surroundings and sensitive to their needs. Making yourself feel better can be as simple as journaling your thoughts. Make an effort to intentionally talk to yourself kindly. It’s easy for negative thoughts to cloud the mind but not so easy for positive thoughts. Once you make this a habit, it can offer you fulfillment and a new appreciation for yourself.

Quality Time

So many of us are constantly on the go and always running 100 mph, so quality time, especially as a womxn, can be non-existent. It’s important that you spend some time alone with yourself. Get to know yourself again because you’re one awesome chick! Take the time to do hobbies you enjoy; it could be a fun activity or something simple as relaxing. You do you, babe.

Sometimes quality time can be taking on a new activity or learning something new you’ve been meaning to start. Maybe you haven’t had quality time in a very long time, so you’re not sure exactly what to do, and that’s okay too. You could read a recommended book or sit in stillness with gratitude all the way to going out with your girlfriends. Whatever things you choose, just make sure they’re for you and not anyone else.

Physical Touch

Now, before your mind takes you to a dirty place, I’m talking about focusing on your physical well-being. Think about things that make you relax and help your body feel good. For many, this could be setting up that much-needed spa day you’ve been meaning to schedule. Your body does so much for you, and this is another way of taking care of it.

The action of focusing on YOUR body could mean taking a long shower and massaging that long-awaited peppermint hair mask into your hair that you never seem to have time for. Girl, it could be cuddling up with a very soft blanket. One of the best ways to experience physical touch and reap the major health benefits is to practice body movement; this can be done through exercises such as yoga, dancing, or stretching, but all exercise can be considered a form of body movement.

Receiving Gifts

Many people find joy in the giving of gifts but have a much harder time with receiving them, especially if it’s for yourself. Think about what kinds of gifts really make you happy, not just something you might ask for on a birthday but something you truly enjoy and would like. What’s the first thing that comes to mind if you had to treat yourself today?

Everyone is different, and we all like different things. It could be a gift card to your favorite store or finding that babysitter so that you can have some time out of the house. The point is to treat yourself to gifts that bring joy and happiness to you. If receiving gifts is your self-love language, it doesn’t have to mean a huge price tag; it’s the thought of helping you love yourself in a healthy way.

The idea of a self-love language doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and finding yours might look different than you expected, but how you humbly love yourself and take care of that will only offer you more insight into the beautiful person that you are.

So... what’s your self-love language? Let us know in the comments below!

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