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How To Talk Like A Social Media Pro

We know the basics and practices of social media. Oftentimes running analytics reports or checking our own impressions isn't a routine practice. You do not need to be a Social Media Manager to talk like one.

By educating ourselves with social media lingo we automatically get a level up. It broadens our knowledge of measuring our analytics, familiarizes us with metrics we may have not been aware of (we understand the details/signals that go into each social media platform’s functions or algorithms), and helps with overall post-performance.

If you’re a business owner, you may want to outsource your social media efforts. Learning these definitions will make the hiring/interview process with a Social Media Manager/Marketer all the easier.

These key terminologies are what you need to know so that by the end of this blog, you will be talking like a Social Media Pro - let’s dive in!


Social media algorithms are a way of sorting posts in a users’ feed based on relevancy or relationship instead of publishing time. In other words, Instagram and Facebook are predicting what photos and videos are the most important to users, and displaying those posts in the newsfeed, explore page, and reels tab.


Engagement can be used in two ways.

1. To measure:

  • Instagram: Likes, comments, and shares on a single post.

  • Facebook: Likes, comments, and shares on a single post.

  • Twitter: Re-tweets, likes, and follows on a single post.

2. When your account likes, comments, shares, re-tweets, or follows another account’s post, you are engaging on their content.


The total number of accounts that have seen your post.


The number of times a post from your page is displayed/seen, whether the post is clicked on or not.

*Many users confuse reach & impressions yet they are two completely different metrics.


A word or phrase used to reach other accounts that are interested in your post’s topic. Accounts can find your post when they search for that particular hashtag.

Call to action {CTA}

A statement used in marketing and advertising to prompt a response or encourage a sale. For example, "Follow the link in my profile to grab your Instagram Reels Guide!"


Posting quickly relating to news or an event. Deterring from your pre-planned social media strategy or post schedule.

Best Time To Post

A list of times that your audience is most active. This is when you will want to post to receive the maximum amount of engagement.

Analytics Report

A report that analyzes the top posts, engagement, reach, impressions, hashtag success, followers count, and followers demographic of a social media platform. I run my analytics reports every 28-days or 30-days, unless I am running an analysis on an email campaign, advertisement, or social campaign.

Social Campaign

Used to coincide with a business goal {such as brand exposure} using one or more social media platforms. A social media campaign differs from your everyday social media posts because of your increased targeting, focus, and analytics.


Jacqueline Kekos is a social media strategist who helps small business owners, creatives, & entrepreneurs streamline their social media efforts through visual story-telling, balanced routines & cultivated social media strategies. Find her on Instagram at @JMK.Media or her website https://jmkmedia.com/

Photography Credits: Charmaine Mal, @charmalphoto

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