Meet Amber Khan

Amber is the founder and creator of Parthenos and Nemean, home of the Amazing Hair Saviour. Amber created the Amazing Hair Saviour for herself because she was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. After realizing that she had created a product that changed her life... she decided to open her business and release it to the public to help others. In less than a year, she has grown a following of over 12k loyal supporters who have also been able to see unbelievable results from her magical oil. Amber has a mission behind what she is doing and strives to help every woman feel beautiful with, and without their hair. She is an inspiration to many and we were so honoured to have her as a part of the Fall 2020 Campaign.

The Interview.

Tell us about your business and how got started 

I launched Hair Saviour last December, but it all started 5.5 years ago when I lost my hair due to alopecia areata which was stress triggered. At the time I didn't know this is where my journey would take me. But here we are.

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

I've never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur and I still don't because what I do all feels so personal. 

Biggest Struggle In Entrepreneurship?

I've been very lucky not to have struggled much. I've always promised myself to be myself and be authentic. I try to communicate with everyone exactly the way I want to be spoken to. 

Biggest Win In Entrepreneurship?

My biggest win is all the absolutely incredible feedback I get and seeing everyone's journeys and the love I receive, it's so fulfilling and overwhelming.

Favourite way to celebrate your wins?

I celebrate by sharing back with the community. I donate as much as I can but I don't like announcing it, it's very personal to me. I also try hosting giveaways and randomly message people free Hair Saviour bottles when I see they really want to try it but for some reason can't right now, it's all about community, you get in life what you give back

What Inspires you?

It's not really an inspiration from someone individual but I want to be inspired when I look in the mirror and like the person I see looking back at me.

What is Your Morning Routine?

My morning routine is crazy. I wake up and right with coffee I start answering all the questions. I also manage my own social media and I absolutely love interacting with everyone. After that tons of hugs here and there from my little ones, oh and I occasionally try to work out! Right now, it's all about community, you get in life what you give back

3 Lessons You Have Learned In Business?

1. Be kind

2. Treat people like you want to be treated

3. Focus on the positives 

Favourite Social Media Platform To Be Social On? 

Instagram I guess

Tips For SECURING THE BAG (making that money Hunny!) 

This might sound strange but I never look at my numbers. If you ask me today my numbers, I might not even be able to tell, I know how bad it is to say this from a business point of view, but I've learned to accept all my flaws and promised myself to always be honest and grounded and this is my reality. I measure success with the confidence, hope and comfort Hair Saviour has been able to spread.

What is something you wish you knew that you know now when you started your business? 

I honestly don't wish to change anything in my journey, I've gotten the chance to meet exceptional individuals, who have helped me so much in such little time. Everything I didn't know was my opportunity to learn something new.

What would you say to someone who looking to start their own business but scared? 

Don't be. there are no guarantees in life, take that chance. you might not succeed but so what?! you won't sit 20 years later on your family room couch and wonder seeing someone else doing what you wanted to do and regret not having the courage to take that first step. Regrets are more painful than the fear of failure.

What is your favourite Girl Boss quote and why? 

Be yourself, you're unique.

For more inspiration make sure to follow Amber & follow her journey @amazinghairsaviour on Instagram & check out her episode on the Hey Social Babes Podcast.

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