Meet Melanie Viger (MUAVEE)

Melanie is an Influencer as well as the owner of MUAVEE Makeup studio & MUAVEE Lashes. She is a huge inspiration to so many and is on a mission to help everybody feel confident and beautiful. Melanie, although she is very booked & busy, will always take time out of her day to inspire and empower other female entrepreneurs. This is the type of #socialbabe energy we love seeing which is why we had to feature her in our Fall 2020 Campaign.

The Interview.

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

I started working as a freelance artist when I was just 17, doing weddings and events as a side job really inspired me to work for myself. Years later, I eventually quit my full-time job to run my company.

Biggest Struggle In Entrepreneurship?

Personally, the administration is the most frustrating thing for me. Luckily I have built a great team that helps me with all of that.

Biggest Win In Entrepreneurship?

Being able to do what I love every day, I truly feel like I'm being true to myself. 

Favourite way to celebrate your wins? Generally by taking time off to enjoy maybe a nice dinner or a night out with no work.

What Inspires you?

Seeing some influencers that I have been following from the beginning of Instagram flourish into artists that now have cosmetic lines in Sephora or major opportunities is definitely an inspiration to work harder. Creatively I'm inspired by many different artists, things in life, nature art and many more things. 

What is Your Morning Routine?

My mornings are really all over the place, unfortunately, due to the nature of my work, it's really not consistent. I would say I have 2 types of mornings. Either I'm waking up early, grabbing a coffee and headed to work right away for a wedding/shoot or event,  or I'm sleeping in trying to rest and slowly starting my day and working all hours of the day. I really just try and take my rest when I can seeing that I never know when I'll be up.

3 Lessons You Have Learned In Business 

One major lesson is to focus on what you're good at and delegate tasks that may be a bit harder for you to complete to someone who finds it easy. Second, would be to create systems where you can. As things grow you need to spend time building systems to take care of things vs. more work, its harder in the beginning but worth it in the long run. Lastly, just try and do your best with every client no matter what. Consistency is key.

Favourite Social Media Platform To Be Social On 

Definitely Instagram, being a mainly photo-based app I love it for sharing my work and it is a great way to connect with people internationally!

Tips For SECURING THE BAG (making that money Hunny!) 

I believe that finding the value that you are providing and being confident in that value brings money, money is just the exchange that people give you for that valued service. Being consistent and doing an amazing job will make sure that your clients are referring you because they have had an amazing experience with you which turns one time clients into returning clients. 

What is something you wish you knew that you know now when you started your business? I wish someone had told me to slow down at the beginning and that not everything had to be done right away, it's ok to say no. I know when I'm at my max and when to say no which has really helped me stay consistent in quality.

What would you say to someone who looking to start their own business but scared? 

I would say start with baby steps! It seems huge when looking at the entire thing but no business is built overnight. Start somewhere and navigate the waters to pave your path. You'll never regret what you build for yourself.

What is your favourite Girl Boss quote and why?

Purpose fuels passion. Answer the WHY to what you do so you can find the passion and purpose to truly motivate you to move forward and become truly successful.

For more inspiration make sure to follow Melanie & follow her journey @muavee Instagram and listen to her episode on the Hey Social Babes Podcast.

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