Meet Michelle & Bianca

Michelle & Bianca are the co-owners of Don't Be Negative Photography. These two babes have been the biggest inspiration to us. They are so passionate and so talented about what they do ... you can't help but smile when you see them at work. Michelle & Bianca are also the Social Babes Co Brand Photographers and shoot all of the content for our community as well as our founder Brittney Megann. These girls radiate love and warmth and are on a mission to capture beauty from all over. They are loved by many ... but especially loved so hard by us. As amazingly talented they are behind the camera... they deserve to be given the spotlight and reminded how appreciated and beautiful they are too. It was without a doubt they had to be featured in our very first campaign.

The Interview.

Tell us about your business and how got started 

We are a team of two photographers that decided to follow our dreams together, the best part about it is that we are sister-in-laws! After our first wedding in 2016 together we created Don’t Be Negative Photography and have been growing ever since! We believe that every moment is precious and feel honoured for every second we are able to capture and meet so many beautiful people!

Who introduced you to entrepreneurship?

Nobody really, we just went with it ourselves as soon as we talked about photography together! Nothing better than building an empire doing something you love everyday plus doing it with your sister! Lucky for us... as cheese as this is.. we pretty much go together like peanut butter and jelly! We are the true duo making both our dreams come true!

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

We captured our first wedding together and from then on we kept getting referral phone calls. The calls kept coming session after session and we LOVED working together! As we kept getting calls we decided we had to make it official and work as a team to create our dream business together as lifestyle photographers!

Biggest Struggle In Entrepreneurship?

Building clientele is always a big struggle in starting any business. Our biggest goal during any photo session with us is to make sure you have an amazing experience. This usually always leads to referrals, and referrals are the greatest compliment you can get!! Referrals are how we build about 85% of our clientele. One after another.... 4 years later our clientele is growing better than ever! about when we started and how far we have come together with Don’t Be Negative Photography. Talking about how much we have grown as people and building a company from scratch with using our love and passion for photography!

Biggest Win In Entrepreneurship?

Hitting Monthly Goals and going beyond our goals! Wooooooooo! Lately, we have been going above and beyond our monthly goals and we have to say it is such an amazing feeling when you achieve everything you wanted! It is such a powerful feeling when you check all those monthly goal boxes and know that everything is falling into place for you and your business. Sometimes we sit back and just talk about when we started and how far we have come together with Don’t Be Negative Photography. Talking about how much we have grown as people and building a company from scratch with using our love and passion for photography!

Favourite way to celebrate your wins?

Treat yo-self!! Hahaha, Nothing like meeting up with your partner.. googling the best treats in Toronto and hitting that spot to celebrate our WINS! One good reason to have a partnership business is having someone to celebrate all your achievements with who is also on that same celebrating high! Cheers to an endless amount of wins!

What Inspires you?

Waking up every morning and doing what we love to do every day. What also inspires us is reading our testimonials each client has written about us and their experience during their session. Reading everything our clients have to say and then keep coming back is what inspires us! Without our clients, family & friends we wouldn’t be where we are today, making our dreams come true, doing what we love.

What is Your Morning Routine?

Wake up and pour ourselves a cup of coffee to get us energized and going while checking our e-mails for new leads & creating posts for our social media!

3 Lessons You Have Learned In Business 

Learn from the past to keep growing.

Take risks! Don’t be afraid. ( like starting our dream business together )

The right people are worth everything. This lesson will prevent you from wasting time on the wrong people and give you more time to work with the best people you find!

Favourite Social Media Platform To Be Social On?

INSTAGRAM all the way! Why Instagram?! Well, that is a no brainer since Instagram is all about photos! There is no better social media platform to connect with so many amazing people by telling stories through our photos. We could say that 90% of our clients find us through Instagram... it is more like who does not have Instagram nowadays?!

Tips For SECURING THE BAG (making that money Hunny!) 

Respond to leads within 24 hours

Keeping up with trends & knowing what your clientele wants

Advertising is key! Keep up with posting on all social media platforms

Creating a positive and comfortable experience

What is something you wish you knew that you know now when you started your business? 

Not every session is going to be successful. Sometimes we used to beat ourselves up so much when we would leave a newborn session and got absolutely nothing due to the baby not settling. We would try and try and try and spend hours trying to get a newborn to settle in one prop. Now we have a routine, a timeline and kept up with some education to make our sessions run smoother without losing it when we get home.

What would you say to someone who looking to start their own business but scared? 

Take a risk and don’t be afraid!! The only way to succeed is trying and if you add what you are passionate about in there then everything will fall into place!

What is your favourite Boss Girl Quote and why? 

Hakuna Matata because it means no worries for the rest of your days! Don’t worry and just make it happen!

For more inspiration make sure to follow Michelle & Bianca & follow their journey @dontbenegativephotographymb on Instagram.

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