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The Most Important Thing About Law of Attraction That No One Talks About

Spoiler Alert: This is not a happy-go-lucky blog article about manifesting and LOA. This article is about embracing the pain involved with deliberate creation! This is by far the most personal blog post I have written and actually posted for all to read. This has been a tough subject for me to speak about because it’s so personal and something that has been one of the most difficult aspects of my life. I write and teach others about manifestation and creating a life that you desire, but there are some things that most LOA gurus and teachers do not talk about. That is when you attempt to manifest the perfect life you will go through emotional pain, or at the least ups and downs.

It’s inevitable, there are experiences in life that we have that are painful, and that we can’t just manifest out of my life without deep self-reflection and feeling painful emotions. When we make the choice that we want to create a life that we desire to live, it’s usually because our current reality isn’t one we are satisfied with.

Ok, so here’s my story! I recently ended a toxic and abusive relationship that I was in for the last 15 years! I’ve loved this person with all my heart and so many times I just wanted to overlook the things they’ve done and only focus on the positive. There were good things about this relationship and person, but I cannot acknowledge the good without reflection on the bad. So many times I just wanted to manifest change in this person, and the circumstances I find myself in with this relationship. Lord knows I tried! The first lesson in deliberate creation is that no matter how good we get at manifesting, we can’t change others!

I’m not going to get into great detail about the specifics of the relationship, but I’ve endured physical, verbal, and emotional abuse throughout the last 15 years of my life. I’ve experienced depression and anxiety because of the circumstances I was in, but by the grace of GOD, self-care, meditation, raising my vibration, and studying Law of Attraction, I’ve healed myself. As I healed and began to learn more about myself, and deliberate creation I realized that there were parts of me that attracted and resonated with the experiences and behavior that I’ve endured from others.

From this experience, I’ve learned that in life there are lessons that we must learn from people and situations. At the spiritual essence, manifesting is about honouring our journey and allowing in the peace of knowing that the divine is always with us. We must learn to have gratitude and the ability to release what is not serving us and know that it’s for our highest good.

Life throws us challenges and we must be the warriors that we are, and face those challenges in order to make it to the next level we wish to be in life. Nothing can break you unless you allow it to. Did I want to leave a 15-year long marriage to a man that I love… No, but If I wished to manifest greatness in myself I realized that I couldn’t bring everything and everyone along.

Some things must end in order to create a beautiful new beginning. Manifesting a life that we desire is about releasing the old in order to make room for the newly expanded life that we deserve. This was the most important, but the hardest lesson I had to learn about deliberately creating my life.

Are you wanting to create the life that you desire? If so, what has been the most challenging aspect of your journey? I’d love to hear from you!


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