Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs: 10 Gift Ideas to Improve Their Hustle

Okay Social Babes, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you’re probably thinking about what to get for the entrepreneur in your life, but you have no idea where to start. That’s why I put together this amazing guide to help you find that perfect gift.

So first, forget about the chocolate and sexy lingerie and get your lover something they can actually use as an entrepreneur. Nothing says I love you more than a gift that says I support you and your crazy AF business, right? So here is a list of 10 gift ideas for the entrepreneur in your life.

1. Productivity planner

This is a great way to keep your entrepreneur organized and motivated. As a new business owner, you need to keep yourself organized, handle all the issues, schedule your social media content for the week, all before the 8 o’clock showing of How to Get Away With Murder, the struggle is real. A productivity planner will help your entrepreneur keep it all together.

2. New laptop or laptop case

Think about getting your entrepreneur a new laptop if they are overdue for an upgrade. Or if they recently bought a laptop think about getting them a fancy new case for it, maybe with their initials or business name.

3. Business cards

I mean...a new business owner can never have enough business cards. Have fun designing business cards that will really step up your entrepreneur’s A-game. You can even include a special case to go with them. And don’t forget to include a Valentine’s Day card to really bring the gift together.

4. A coffee mug that has a quote relevant to their business

What entrepreneur doesn’t love to have that favorite coffee mug at their desk for their morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? There are so many mugs out there with amazing quotes for entrepreneurs. You can even get one custom-made to give it that personal touch.

5. Buy them a course that they’ve been going crazy to take

Entrepreneurs are always learning new things for their business and there are so many new courses coming out daily. Think about buying that course your entrepreneur has been talking about or a course you know will help them in their business, or subscribing to the Social Babes Sorority Club … that way they can learn something new every single month with our monthly masterclasses.

6. A tabletop calendar

Tabletop calendars are great! They give you a quick visual as to what your month is looking like and you know it’s looking crazy with all those appointments, courses, and tasks that need to get done for clients.

7. A fancy leather notebook

A leather notebook is a great way to make your entrepreneur feel like a boss. Notebooks are a great gift as you can use them for like anything and everything.

8. A engraved pen set with a supportive message

An engraved pen set is perfect if you’re looking for something that’s both sentimental and supportive. It’s also a great gift to make your entrepreneur feel like the boss they are.

9. A new Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets are great for virtual meetings and make a perfect gift. Bluetooth just upped your entrepreneur’s game and they will no longer have to struggle with detangling their headset wire five minutes before their meeting. Trust me, they’ll thank you.

10. A subscription to a software program

Every entrepreneur uses some sort of program for their business. Whether you’re a graphic designer using Photoshop, a web designer using WordPress, or a beauty supplier using Canva to design your labels. Think about getting your entrepreneur a program they’ve been wanting or updating a current program they use so they can keep doing what they do best.

So here is the best Valentine’s Day gift guide filled with 10 gift Ideas to improve your entrepreneur’s hustle. Even if you’re flying solo this Valentines’, this is a perfect opportunity to reward yourself for all that hard work you’ve been doing girl, you deserve it. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Valentines’ gift is for your entrepreneur!

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